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This library provides a simple api for an openapi-processor-* library. By implementing this api it will automatically work with the openapi-processor gradle plugin.

implementing the api

To make an openapi-processor available to the openapi-processor-gradle plugin it has to

  • implement the OpenApiProcessor interface.

    the gradle plugin uses the name provided by String getName(); to configure the processor and to provide the task to run it.

    the gradle plugin will call void run(Map<String, ?> options); to run the processor, passing all extra settings in the options map with the property setting name as the key.

  • provide a META-INF/services/io.openapiprocessor.api.OpenApiProcessor property file in the resources with the class name of the implementing class.

example implementations

For examples see the implementations of

  • JsonProcessor (the entry point of the openapi-processor-json) implements the api interface

  • and the corresponding services property file in the resources.